Blood, Sweat, Tears and a Bit of Luck: Canada's Para Soccer Team

Looking at the knocked-knees of the kids around him, the word that comes into Drew Ferguson’s mind is pigeon-toed. In time, he will learn to distinguish between the various types of disabilities – whether on one side of the body or both – but, in 2005, as he rode to coach his first para training camp […]

Ignacio Estefanell   11 min read  Dec 24, 2014

The Third Team: Joe Fletcher's Beats

He was Canada’s face at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. From his infamous handshake [which has several million social media hits] to the coverage he received in newspapers and on TV, Joe Fletcher has become a minor celebrity […]

Ignacio Estefanell   17 min read  Dec 8, 2014

The Rights to Watch - Part One: Crossroads

With a beer and collection of salty snacks, Hedrik Wachelka, a retired civil servant, watches Hockey Night in Canada. He looks forward to the one night a week when he’s able to sit on his couch and “enjoy the game, knowing full […]

Ignacio Estefanell   8 min read  August 27, 2013

The Rights to Watch - Part Two: Sport as a Cultural Right

In the 1930s, there was concern in England that rising ticket prices for sports were causing a social divide, excluding the poor from the nation’s stadiums unless they happened to work behind a concession stand. The British were right to be worried […]

Ignacio Estefanell   8 min read  August 27, 2013

The Rights to Watch - Part Three: Sport as a Commodity

Wiping the sweat from his brow, quarterback Len Dawson looks at his teammates. Their white uniforms are stained with a mix of blood and dirt. It’s the 1967 AFC-NFL World Championship game (better known today as Super Bowl I) and […]

Ignacio Estefanell   7 min read  August 27, 2013

The Rights to Watch - Part Four: Back to the Future

“It’s outrageous, a whole generation has been lost,” says Andrew Reeves, director of Sommet Sports. “After all, what does the future hold if there are no [readily available] sports on TV?” He speaks with passion, as he did […]

Ignacio Estefanell   6 min read  August 27, 2013

The Rights to Watch - Part Five: Decision time

Losing Hockey Night in Canada would be “the greatest calamity in CBC’s history,” writes Richard Stursberg, former vice-president of English services, in his 2010 memoir, The Tower of Babble: Sins, Secrets and Successes Inside the CBC […]

Ignacio Estefanell   8 min read  August 27, 2013


We begin in Germany during the 2006 World Cup of soccer. There are thousands of fans inside the main stadium at Dortmund, watching Brazil take on Ghana for a berth in the quarterfinals. The majority support Brazil […]

Ignacio Estefanell   11 min read  April 23, 2013

Raccoon Feature

Peter Pekelny works seven days a week. His office is a dirty white van, with the name Pro Pest written in red and black on the sides. Strapped to the roof is a pair of extendable ladders; one reaches a maximum of 26 feet, the other 38. The front of the van is decorated with the tracks of a raccoon […]

Ignacio Estefanell   13 min read  April 20, 2012