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Sport is filled with controversial moments — plays that cause us to either jump up in celebration or roar in disbelief.

These moments stick with us. For some it is the feeling of injustice, and others it’s the cheeky reminders of getting away with something — even better if it’s at the expense of a rival.

One of the most infamous such moments took place 30 years ago — June 22, 1986 — when Diego Maradona scored his infamous “Hand of God” goal against England in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Mexico. The first of two goals by Maradona in the game (the other being the “Goal of the Century”), the “Hand of God” continues to enthrall for its brazenness.

The English are even releasing a special documentary to commemorate/celebrate the occasion.

In honour of the goal’s anniversary, here are some other moments that, depending on who you are cheering for, have caused heartache or joy:

1999 Stanley Cup Final

Dallas Stars vs. Buffalo Sabres

Brett Hull wins the Stanley Cup for the Stars in Game 6 with a goal in the third overtime. Even though his foot was in Dominik Hasek’s crease, Hull’s goal was allowed to stand, setting off a firestorm of criticism and controversy.

The Immaculate Reception

1972 AFC divisional playoff

Did the ball hit the Raiders’ Jack Tatum or the Steelers’ John Fuqua (in a double tap that was illegal at the time) before Franco Harris scooped it up to win the game with less than 30 seconds to go for Pittsburgh? The footage remains unclear, helping to fuel this enduring NFL moment.

2010 World Cup Qualifier

France vs Ireland

The Republic of Ireland was 16 minutes away from a penalty shootout that could have earned it a place in the 2010 World Cup when Frenchman Thierry Henry commits an obvious hand ball before passing it to William Gallas for an easy header.

1974 Rumble in the Jungle

Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman

In his book Foul Play: The Dark Arts of Cheating in Sport, Mike Rowbottom describes how Muhammad Ali’s manager Angelo Dundee was seen adjusting the tension of the ropes around the ring before the fight. As such, Dundee helped Ali deal with the punishment from Foreman, tiring him out in what is now known as the “rope-a-dope”.

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